We are rural girls. We are diverse, empowered, and stylish.
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We carry all kinds of brands, even our own burgeoning Rural Fashion Girl label.

 brands such as DEX or Gentlefawn , Tribal ,Charlie B and many more.  We're also very keen on brands from around the world like M made in Italy.

We have one-of-a-kind finds and multiples. We're a boutique, not a department store. So, we don't have everything for everyone. But we do try our best to have something for everyone. We're sure that you'll fall for an item or two or more;) We hunt for gems that will appeal to wide variety of tastes, sizes, ages, lifestyles, phases, and moods. All are stylish, of course. What we've found in our travels is that style is style; it can be found in all brands, in all women, everywhere. You provide so much inspiration for us.

Please contact us if there is a brand that you think we ought to know about!