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Love your shoes, love your feet: How to buy quality footwear

Whether they are $20 or $200 or $2000 it is best to look for quality shoes and boots. Your budget is your business and this can vary from day to day, month to month, year to year. What is important is to make sure that you take care of your feet and get a burst of joy when you look down at your tootsies.

A few tips:


Look for footwear that is well-made. Are there glue marks? Can you see where the shoe may come apart at the seams? Ideally, you'd like your shoes to last more than one season. Quality is also important for comfort.


Try on the shoe. Walk around. Does it pinch? Is it too wide or too narrow? Do you have enough support and cushion? Be mindful and listen to your body. You will be better able to strut your stuff if you feel good in your shoe.


Brands that use innovative techniques and quality materials are a big bonus. Brands that have solid values and stand behind what they make will put extra love into designing and making your shoe. 


Love it or leave it. You want shoes in your closet that you will reach for again and again. Know what looks good on your foot and what is in style.  Even practical shoes should make you feel good and ready to take on the world, rain or shine. 


Take care of your shoes. Wipe them down often. Spray them for protection and for odour. Store them away from they sun to avoid fading. 


RFG's approach to buying footwear

When we are looking for footwear for RFG, we think long-term and have all budgets in mind. We're a boutique, so our goal is to try to carry what the other guy/gal won't have. We want make sure that you can be practical with a good neutral and other times let your personality show with that shoe that makes a statement or makes your outfit. 


Here are a few of our favourite brands and why we carry them at RFG:

Emu - natural materials, sustainable methods, craftsmanship, and unique style that you can't find on the general market. This Australian footwear is ridiculously comfortable and stylish.



Bernie Mev - This brand takes footwear comfort to a whole other level with patent technology - that oh so fab stretchy fabric - that is good for perfect and problem feet. If you're feet are often too wide or too narrow, these magical shoes are for you.




Native - this brand from Vancouver is made of quality polymers, making it waterproof and an excellent fit. The holes allow your foot to breath. No more sweaty feet!



Roxy - sneakers and flip flops from Roxy are a great buy. They are comfortable and super cute. They are also easy to maintain and pop in your suitcase.  



Molvados - these flip flops are the perfect combination of comfort and fashion. Get ready to live in them all summer. They also come in so many different cool colours and styles that you'll have a pair for every outfit. 

Billabong - these sandals were designed and made with the surfer and beach bum in mind. They are built to be your everyday shoe. 

We hope these tips helped. Happy shoe shopping!

xoxo RFG



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