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What we learned about year-end: The good, the bad, and the, oh my, that's ugly

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On January 26th, we took a leap of faith and incorporated RFG in Alberta. What a wild ride it's been. We are in a wonderful crash course and are learning and growing daily. Retail is not easy. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme by any means. It's tough and rewarding work that we relish everyday.

What is year-end? Those of you who have operated any business know that this is the time or year when you go through your books with a fine-tooth comb for the tax man. This is when you visit and revisit everything. It is an opportunity to be better at your business.

We are pleased to be taking the time to streamline everything. We are developing policies and processes to get on top of it all in year two in a way that seemed nearly impossible when we hit the ground running in between seasons to open in April 2016. 

So, what's the good?

We get to take stock. Literally. It feels good to not run based on assumptions and all of the "should's." Now, we've got numbers, baby. We are making fact-based decisions. Woot.

What's the bad?

Well, we're optimistic gals, so we see "bad" as opportunities. One is the shortfalls is our system. This means that we have to get creative and get down and dirty with our reports. The silver lining is that we get to geek out and that's what business is about, isn't it?

And, finally, what's the ugly?

Well, sometimes, that's us:) We have sleepless nights of worry or of excitement. There is no certainty in business. The first year is exhilarating and pretty darn scary. We've rolled the dice. We've put it all on red. And we are working hard to keep the gambling gods on our side. Couldn't do it without you.




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