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Tis the Season to Save - Boxing Days, yes, days, Blowout!

It's our first boxing day. We're pretty excited to welcome everyone! We've done some extra planning to help make your experience smooth. (Yes, we learned from our opening day frenzy). We'll have extra hands and eyes on deck to hold things for you and to be style eyes if you need another opinion. We also expanded the sale from one day to two days so that you have more hours to get your boxing days shopping groove on. 

We all deserve super days of goodness, don't we? At RFG, we like to go big, and we like to have fun and experiment with special events. Sooo, we're knocking everything in store down 50% off. Yes, EVERYTHING.

Code: Holidays50 


Stay Fabulous!



P.S. We hope you like our poster. Donuts not included during our sale days:)

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