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RFG Model Signs with Modelling Agency

Angelique Tisserand is a nurse during the week in High Prairie and, now, a model by profession on weekends across Western Canada. We knew we had made the right move by making her one of the faces of RFG. The reaction was overwhelming. Ange, definitely has the look and she's like-minded. 

Angelique's is the first face visitors to our RFG site see.


Whenever we asked her to model, Angelique committed right away, saying that she would be honoured to help out and support local stores and women. She gets what RFG is about and, like us, is fiercely supportive of community.

We didn't know at the time that Angelique would get a call to sign with a modelling agency in Edmonton, Canada. We couldn't be happier for our friend and RFG supporter! We interviewed Angelique just after she got the news about her new gig.


RFG: How did the contract come about?

Angelique: My co-worker at the hospital sent some of the RFG pictures that Jodi Sware took to an agency. I guess they liked what they saw. When I first spoke with them on the phone, I reminded them again and again that I'm 41! It didn't matter to them. That felt great. I never thought I'd be modelling and starting this new adventure at this stage in my life.


Angelique is wearing a Mavi Kendra jeans ($128), a Soya Concept grey top ($49), and Jack navy sweater jacket ($132). Available in store.


 RFG: Your a nurse. What do you like about nursing?

Angelique: I love what I do because I love the people. It's very satisfying to help people and their families who I have known my entire life. I can ask them about their families, or their work, or what have you; they trust me more. It removes the barriers and we can help them feel more comfortable. That's important. 

Angelique is wearing a Soya Concept camo sweater with slight sparkle. Available in store and online for $85. 


RFG: What do you like about modelling?

Angelique: I'm a jeans and flip flops kind of girl, but I like dressing up for shoots. It challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone. I'm nervous about modelling professionally. It will be me alongside teenagers, all of us stumbling in our 6 inch heels! I'm looking forward to it though. Modelling with RFG and working with Jodi has helped to prepared me.


Angelique is wearing a Soya Concept Naiya top in burnt sienna. Available in store and online for $62. 


Best of luck to Angelique. We're rooting for you!



RFG Founding Fashionistas 


Angelique is wearing RFG 2016 spring collections. 










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