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New Brand Alert: Vigorella Australia

We are jumping-up-and-down excited about this new brand. We came across a small collection at the buying show in Vancouver and it sparked something in us. You know that feeling ladies, when your mind starts roaming through your closet and you think, "There are gorgeous! These are staple pieces that I could add to my wardrobe that will last for ever."

Vigorella is an Australian lifestyle brand. It's all about layers. Founder Jenny Zeuschner has built the brand on a 'layers for life" concept. 

Vigorella is derived from the Spanish word "vigor," which means strength and power, and "ella" means her. Our hearts did a big ol' leap when we learned this. We felt this brand fit with ours so well that we'd give it a try.

A few items have arrived and we are thrilled to say that they are everything we thought they would be. When you're in the midst of a buying show, you start going blind sometimes and every sweater starts looking and feeling the same. Our guts were right about Vigorella or "Her Power". 

We cannot wait for you to see these lovely new pieces. They are unique. They are over $100. They are like nothing you'll find anywhere else. Sapphire jeans with coating! A cardigan knit incredibly well with pockets lined! It's like grandma was supervising it's cut and craft. 



Come on by and try these lovely numbers on. Or drop by our online store and order them today. We are smitten and we bet that you will be too.


Stay Fabulous!

xoxo RFG 

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