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Five Essentials to Pack this Holiday Season

Wherever you're going this holiday season, whether to another continent or to your mother's across town, packing right sets the tone for your trip. There's nothing worse than being grossly underdressed compared with your sister, or packing those skinny pants, when let's face it, elastic waists are they way to go both poolside and fireside. Packing light is also often a must this time of year since much of your suitcase space is required for gifts.

That's why we recommend packing five essentials for any destination plus a killer weekender bag like this one from jeane & jax, now 50% off:

1. Sunglasses.

There will be sun at the beach and on the snow-covered prairies and cities. Head to your local vision centre or drugstore to grab a sassy pair or log onto one of our fave sites for sunglasses, the Canadian shop, Spareparts: https://www.sparepartslife.com/ 

2. A classic white blouse.

Any girl who knows fashion will highly recommend a classic white blouse because it looks great on everyone. A white blouse is the perfect blank canvas for any accessory, and can be worn casually or to the nines. Here a just a few ways to wear yours:




3. Bling jewellery.

It's the holiday season. Sparkle and shine with a few of these bling beauties from RFG like a statement RFG silver necklace or merx earrings, leaf necklaces, or magnet bracelets. 



4. Something red, anything, red.

Christmas, Christmas time is here. Red brings the holiday spirit to any occasion and looks amazing. Bring a red scarf, purse, earrings, jacket, sweater. Whatever you fancy.




5. A Little Black Dress (LBD)



Add leggings, a cardigan, one pair of jeans, one pair of casual shoes and one pair of dressy shoes. Now, you're set.


Bon Voyage and Happy Holidays!

xo RFG 





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