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RFG goes to Portugal: Packing Tips

What a trip! There were many highs. The only lows came from the ups and downs of the hills that make up the main city of Portugal - Lisbon. Hello, booty strong! 


Lisbon was hit with an earthquake in 1755. The city was rebuilt and a large portion of the medieval city remains intact. It's like visiting the 18th century, but while wearing 2016 styles.

We packed all kinds of outfits from Rural Fashion Girl. Here's what we packed and why.

Hot & Cold 

When it’s screeching hot in the sun, but way too cool in the shade. These Esprit light wash jeans were perfect. They scream summer, but keep you warm in the shade, too. The Z Supply Mint Green Tee was a nice change from black or white. It gave a pleasant summer feel and matched my own sandals.



Evening Dinner

I had a hip evening dinner, so a sundress wasn't appropriate, neither were jeans. I had a dress from RFG that could work for day or night. This dress is a winner in all ways. I had so many compliments that I could have sold it off of my back. These M Made in Italy high-low dresses come in white, navy, and black. The navy number is pictured below.

Flats are the only option in the city where waling is like begin on an elliptical. I paired this dress with my own flats. I would pick up the train for a glam effect or roll up the waste a little. I added a gold chain to match my shoes, but could have easily added an RFG silver chain. Packing a solid colour allows you to dress it up or down. The red bag is a dynamite accent. It's also from RFG and is a vegan brand called jeanne and jax.  




Hot Day in the City

Shorts are a must when visiting an oceanside city. These Dex high waste Khaki shorts and the Dex black Tee are two pieces that never go out of style. And they are so, so comfortable. To top it off, there's that purse again!




Cruising the Coast

On the day that we rented a scooter and drove along the coast, I put on my miia and moss jeans from RFG. They kept me warm as we cruised. I wear these jeans for play and pair them with the Esprit Navy Blazer sold at RFG for work. They are a new staple for me.



Loving the Linen

This is a vacation look that tells the world you are ready to relax. The top is a C'est Moi one-size-fits all tank, a staple. I own one in every basic colour to wear during the summer and under transparent tops and sweaters in the winter. The ultimate piece are those linen chino draw string pants from M Made in Italy. Uber chic, right?!

The Big Day

Finally, one the wedding day, I decided to go elegant with my dress and then add a pop of colour with an edgy cluth. Again, this jeanne and jax red clutch gave me a signature look. I felt at once chic and cool.


All of the above outfits worked well and we had many compliments. Even the city girls from throughout Europe who we met were asking us where we got our clothes. Our goal is to put HP on the map and sell RFG clothes around the world someday, so this was a good start!

Keep dreaming and exploring the world, ladies!

Happy Trails,

xoxo The Founding Fashionistas


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