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RURAL GIRL FEATURE: The Girl Power Behind Mother Earth Essentials

Welcome to the first of Rural Fashion Girl's "Rural Girl Feature" blog series. Every few months, we spend a couple of hours with a remarkable woman who has deep rural connections. We have the honour of interviewing and taking pictures of our featured rural girl in her favourite spot. We learn her stories. We swap wisdom with her. Together, we think about the stuff that matters to rural girls everywhere. That includes fashion, of course!

In April, we met with three generations of women who are the secret to Mother Earth Essentials' success: Founder and President Carrie Bellcourt; Carrie's niece and right-hand, Cavelle Bieker; and Carrie's daughter, her mini-me and little life coach, River. 

These gals have family ties to Hinton, Alberta and source their plants and medicines from rural areas. Many of their customers are from rural and northern communities. And they try spend as much time as they possibly can in the rural outdoors, finding balance, and connection with, well, Mother Earth.
Mother Earth's Essentials is a proudly Aboriginal owned company that blends Aboriginal knowledge and traditions with the finest ingredients. Carrie learned about traditional uses for plants from her grandmother. She brings that learning into her range of products under the Mother Earth Essentials brand.
Working with her sister and other family members, Carrie has grown the company, which now sells products around the world. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, and is always ready to help another woman entering the business world. We're sure grateful at Rural Fashion Girl for her sage advice, and for her peppermint shampoo, blueberry tea, and sweetgrass soy candle. They've been lifesavers.
Now, let's meet these beautiful ladies!


Cavelle Bieker

"I’m not a city girl. I don’t have many shoes!"


Home: Cavelle lives in Hinton and in Edmonton part-time, but is soon off on a new adventure to New Zealand, where RFG has lined her up to meet a few High Prairie and Slave Lake expats.

Profession: Yoga Instructor; Dreamcatcher Maker; Right-Hand @ Mother Earth Essentials

Where she shops: Local first if she can. She lives in yoga pants and buys most of those in the city.

What she likes to wear: Natural looking clothes like wooden jewelry and feather earrings. She loves being outside and in the mountains. Outdoor activities like camping helps her to stay in touch with nature.

Three words that capture her style: Comfortable. Hippie. Down-to-Earth.


Cavelle is wearing a Tea Berry Coral Dress ($59) and a Red Berry Tan Shawl ($19.50). She's holding the beautiful custom dreamcatcher that she made for the Rural Fashion Girl boutique. How lucky are we?!  



Carrie Bellcourt

"The world is your market. When we were on Dragon's Den, we were filling orders from our basement. Now, we're getting ready for China. You can, too."


Home: Carrie lives in Edmonton. She started  Mother Earth Essentials in Onoway, and has lived in Jasper.

Profession: Carrie has been a teacher. She's worked in spas. She now shares Northern Cree teachings through her exquisite line of products that includes teas, soaps, skincare, shampoo and conditioner, room sprays, and more.

Where she shops: Carrie shops rural! Being in holiday mode allows her to focus on herself a little more.

What she likes to wear: Carries wears whatever is easy. Fashion can take a backseat because of her busy life. She wishes that she had more time to take care of that. She liked wearing RFG outfits.
Three words that capture her style: Casual. Neutral. Honest.
Carrie is wearing a Bianca Nygard Top ($79). It comes in blue, red, black, and white.





Home: Edmonton

Profession: River helps her mom! The company is a family affair. River also keeps he mom working for a bit and playing for a bit. 

Where she shops: Where her mom takes her.

What she likes to wear: River loves her swimsuit, worn during this photo shoot, and her  moccasin boots, which put on the miles during our visit. She also liked it when we wrapped her up in a scarf from RFG. What a cutie!

Three words that capture her style: Cute. Cute. Cute.



River is wearing a Red Berry Shawl ($19.50).



Carrie is wearing a Dex moto inspired jacket ($110 ) and Cavelle is wearing a LUXX Ready to Wear dress ($145).

To celebrate the Mother Earth Essentials rural girls, all MEE products are 25% off this week.

Raise your tea to that!

The Founding Fashionistas






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